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    August 5
    Parent Visiting Day

    August 5
    End of Third Starter Session

    August 11
    Candlelight Service

    August 12
    End of Camp

    August 13-19
    Dennen Week

    Sept 1-4
    Family & Friends Weekend

    November 18
    Green & Gray Gala

    Dennen Week

    Dennen Week is a special one week program for boys grades 6-10 at Camp O-AT-KA in Sebago, Maine. It is a week of regular camp, with normal camp activities, but is held for those that would otherwise be unable to afford camp tuition. The Dennen Week Program is modeled on our founder’s original vision of this very special place. The Reverend Ernest Dennen firmly believed that given the right opportunity, in the right environment, every boy would be able to raise his sights and aspirations to loftier goals. Dennen Week allows deserving boys the chance to experience the benefits of camp life that may have otherwise missed such an opportunity.

    More information on Dennen Week .

    Camp O-AT-KA is now affiliated with Maine Resource Recovery Association

    With our long history of appreciation for the natural world around us, Camp O-AT-KA is pleased to have become a member of the Maine Resource Recovery Association (MRRA). Boys in our Leadership Cabin have expressed interest in recycling and sustainability as one of their projects this summer. They note that recycling helps to reduce our reliance on landfills and incinerators for waste disposal. Campers, staff and guests will be encouraged to utilize the recycling containers that will be located near trash bins along the camp road.

    MRRA represents a wide range of organizations and interests that believe in the need to support sound environmental policy that promotes eco-friendly practices and reduces the amount of waste we bury or burn every year.

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